7 Keys to Unlocking Massive Sales on LinkedIn Tool Kit

In today’s business environment – information is accessible to everyone at an instant and anyone who you do business with.  EVERYONE who is looking to do business with you, hire or partner with you - will go to your LinkedIn profile to decide 3 things. 

1.)    Do they like you?
2.)    Can they trust you? 
3.)    Are you an Expert in your field?

Through meeting with hundreds of business people, just like you, I’ve found that the majority of people fall short of putting their best foot forward when it comes to their LinkedIn Profiles. This is akin to going to a professional networking event shabbily dressed and diminishes your credibility. This could be costing you THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in business – without you even being aware!

SO? - Why? Is optimizing my LinkedIn Profile So Important? 

A.)    There are over 600,000,000 Million Users on LinkedIn
B.)    Over 40% of LinkedIn Users are active Daily
C.)    Average income of LinkedIn Users is over $75,000/yr
D.)    This is your “One Chance” to make a First Impression

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1.  Profile Picture – This is the first thing that people see when they view your profile, they look to see what they can interpret by the look in your eyes, what you are wearing, your smile and background. Do they see the very BEST YOU? If not, have this photo done professionally, look straight into the camera to show your confidence, which establishes trust. This photo is critical to your brand and if your audience will engage with you.

2.  Banner – This is a close 2nd, as to what your visitors will look at when they visit. First off, do you have a banner? If not – why not? 


If you do have a Banner – is it an image you pulled off of the internet and tried to make it fit? OR are you being intentional with your business image and stating clearly – 

•    Your Value Proposition OR what you can do for your Clients? 
•    What your Call to Action is?
•    Visually Display your credibility to establish TRUST with your viewer.

People quickly decide if you are part of the A or B team on LinkedIn…go ahead and scroll through some different profiles…you will see how they will fall into one of two categories. Everyone wants to work with the A Team!

3.  Headline is Critical – What does your headline say? The higher the words are in your profile, the more they are read and found via LinkedIn’s SEO algorithms. (tip: you can put your First and Last Name in the First Name Field then put your Title in the Last Name Field) Now in the field of your actual Headline Field, Re-state your “value proposition” of what you can do for your clients. The more times the algorithms pick up on your value – the higher your profile will rank and the better your results will be. Sorry, but reader ultimately cares about what is “in it for them”..so, know that in advance and showcase, share how you can benefit them or provide a solution for what is common in your industry. Many profiles are written as if someone is applying for a job….and once hired, the profile isn’t updated to better someone’s position in business within their role.

4.  Video – LinkedIn has opened up it’s policies on video – many users have yet to fully realize the potential of video. Here is an opportunity for you to have your “value” communicated 24/7 without you needing to invest any more time then setting it up originally. The message should be “what do you do for your clients” Why you are qualified in this area and what is your “Call to Action” (aka what do you want them to do? – book an appt? call? Email?

Video also has several other uses:

•    Personal Intro Video -allows people to get to know you and decide if they want to engage and do business with you. 
•    3rd Party Testimonials – Have your top clients hold up their phone and record a 30 second video attesting to “why” you are an expert in your field and “what” you did for them…this will go further then anything you can say personally.
•    Tours of your business, facility or other presentations that you’d like to share…
•    There are several areas within your Profile to host the videos, you can either use a YouTube link or can upload the native video. 

5.  Role Description – This is another opportunity to demonstrate “What you can do for your clients.” A great time for a case study or other metrics that showcase your expertise. In the Role Description, it is important to keyword load your profile, as this is how you will be found through Search Engines.

7.  Engagement – This key is probably the most overlooked and may just be the most important of them all. “HOW” can your visitors connect with you? Is your Phone, Email or How to reach you easy to read? If someone is not a 1st degree connection – can they still get in touch with you? LinkedIn requires in some instances a person input your email address before being able to connect with you, so if you want to grow your network, make that easy on someone.

6.  Skill Ranking – Click on the pencil next to your top skills and be sure that the Top 3 are the ones you want to be known for and that will mean the most to your profile visitors and your audience. People endorse you for your top 3 skills 90% of the time. LinkedIn has what is called a Social Index Rating – where the amount of endorsements impact this ranking, feeds the algorithms for searches and enables you to move more freely within LinkedIn’s ecosystem. 

Everyone is ranked on LinkedIn – By what is called you Social Selling Index or SSI
You can check your rankings HERE

This is important, because it guides you on what you need to work on in your profile, so you can be found by those that are looking for your skill-sets.

If you implement these 7 Secrets to Unlocking Massive Sales on LinkedIn…you will shine above 97% of your peers, competitors and colleagues on LinkedIn. You WILL notice a difference in outcomes. 
Once you have these critical cornerstones in place for a rock-solid LinkedIn profile and wish to leverage your time.

If you’re up for a conversation about how to generate leads on LinkedIn  – let’s get together real quick – pick a time that works for you at http://timewithmichael.com or Text me at 480.848.5780 – Michael